Family First: Liaison and support during a crisis

Published: February 1, 2013 | By Davidson, S. | EISF publication

Family First: Liaison and support during a crisis addresses the stages of planning, delivery and review of Family Support by an NGO during a crisis. It is intended for CMT staff who must support the family liaison process, as well as being an aid to the family liaison staff in their role.

Providing family support can be vital in the resolution of a crisis, ensuring that the agency can lead a coordinated response, that information is effectively managed, and that the agency’s duty of care obligations to the staff member and their family are fulfilled. Well managed family support during a crisis can not only mitigate the trauma to the family, but is important to maintain strong relations of trust and cooperation between the family and the organisation, which can assist in the resolution of the crisis.

The Guide was developed with practicality in mind. Tips and case-studies are provided, capturing lessons learnt from other organisations’ experiences. Tools are referenced throughout, and organisations are free to use or adapt the tools provided that EISF is acknowledged as the original source.

The associated tools can be downloaded in editable format following the links below:

Family First was written by Sara Davidson and edited by Ellie French of the EISF Secretariat.

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