Can you get sued? Legal liability of international humanitarian aid organisations towards their staff

Published: November 1, 2011 | By Kemp, Edward/ Merkelbach, Maarten | Library item

This SMI Policy paper was written by Edward Kemp and Maarten Merkelbach. It is the result of a SMI research project that looked at current practice in the aid sector and, in cooperation with A4ID, legal reviews provided by law firms in five countries. The aid and development sector’s risk and security management is subject to the same basic legal ground rules and responsibilities as any other enterprise. It is mandatory, not optional. It is not only an operational issue, it is a governance issue. NGOs’ undertaking risk and security management need to take this into account.

The objective is to work with lawyers, non-profit organisations and donors around the world to develop a common standard and process for analysis to be applied by international organisations seeking to meet their legal obligations in looking after their staff.