Training Manager (French and English Speaking)

Organisation Background

Founded in 2011, the International NGO Safety Organisation (INSO) is a British charity that supports the safety of aid workers by establishing safety coordination platforms in insecure contexts. INSO provides registered NGOs with a range of free services including real-time incident tracking, analytical reports, safety related data and mapping, crisis management support, staff orientations and training.

INSO helps NGOs with their day-to-day risk management responsibilities and improves their situational awareness to support evidence-based humanitarian access decisions.

The organisation has grown from innovative start-up to become a globally recognized charity and a valuable component of the humanitarian safety coordination system.

Today the organisation provides daily support to more than 850 NGOs in twelve of the world’s most insecure countries and has earned a strong reputation for performance and professionalism.

INSO Nigeria Country Office

Since becoming registered in Nigeria, INSO has developed a strong countrywide approach, supporting over 60 organisations working on the Lake Chad Basin crisis from Nigeria and its neighbouring countries. The coordination office operates from Abuja overseeing two operational office in Maiduguri, Nigeria, and in Maroua, Cameroon and is currently in the process to open an additional office in Diffa, Niger. The training program is currently based in Abuja and is in the process of expanding to Cameroon and Niger.

We are seeking an experienced candidate to join our team as a Training Manager – Cameroon & Niger based in Abuja (to be confirmed).

Job Summary:

The primary aims of the post are to lead and deliver security management trainings to international NGOs operating in Cameroon and Niger and to support the delivery of security management and personal safety courses in Nigeria. In contrast to many training positions, an INSO Trainer is also responsible for monitoring and advising on the operational application of the training after the courses have finished.

The ideal candidate will be an experienced humanitarian training professional with experience in curriculum development, delivery and impact monitoring and with a keen interest in INSO, Cameroon, Niger and/or the Lake Chad Basin context, and a passion for capacity building of NGOs.

Major Responsibilities:

· Responsible for training program development in Cameroon and Niger, including the delivery of the following courses:

o Basic Security Management

o Advanced Security Management

o Crisis Management

· Responsible for supporting the delivery of the following courses in Nigeria:

o Advanced Security Management and Crisis Management

o Hostile Environment Individual Safety Training (HEIST)

o Hostile Environment First Aid Training – First Responder (HEFAT- FR)

· Manage the training team, with a clear understanding of the pressures associated with operating in demanding environments. Team management will include responsibility for the logistical and financial aspects of training delivery in tandem with line manager.

· When requested, conduct an adequate needs assessment to identify additional training needs of NGOs within the scope of the INSO mandate.

· Review, evaluate, and adapt training materials as necessary and identify and develop trainings (through needs assessments) to meet the training needs of NGOs.

· Prepare post-training reports to the program manager with lessons learned and analysis.

· Review NGO security plans and policies and provide advice and recommendations for their improvement.

· Assist in developing the annual training strategy and budget.

· Design and implement monitoring and evaluation tools that allow for the ongoing adaptation and improvement of the security management and personal safety courses.

· Manage and maintain NGO and public perceptions of INSO’s reputation as an independent, impartial, and neutral actor.

· Where required, assist senior management staff in the day-to-day running of the country program and provide support to operations where required.

· Develop, implement, and oversee INSO internal staff development training for national and expatriate staff in the field of security management.

Mandatory Requirements:

· Experienced safety and security trainer with both academic and practical experience (prior military service or law enforcement experience considered).

· At least 2 years providing training in the humanitarian safety sector, specifically at the field level.

· Demonstrable understanding of humanitarian safety practices and principles.

· Commitment to humanitarian principles and values.

· Experience in design, development, and delivery of safety training curriculums for NGOs.

· At least 1 year working in conflict environments, preferably as a humanitarian worker.

· Experience working with diverse teams and able to organize people around deadline-driven events.

· Familiarity with the philosophy, priorities, and principles of humanitarian NGO approaches to security.

· Ability to work in a fast-paced environment with a multi-cultural and close-knit team to deliver results on a deadline.

· Fluent French (written and spoken) and in English (written and spoken)

· Willingness and ability to travel around the Lake Chad Basin region, including in remote and volatile areas.

Preferred Characteristics:

· Working knowledge of Nigeria and Lake Chad Basin neighbouring countries’ security dynamics.

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