Safety Operations Manager, Jordan

Primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:
• Provides timely and daily support, advice and instructions to project staff for planning and delivering safe, effective activities in Syria and in regional field office locations to ensure that Blumont International meets its responsibility for Duty of Care to staff;
• Works closely with the project’s Research Department, the UK analytical team and in-country personnel to provide daily monitoring of the security situation in all Tatweer operational areas.
• Takes responsibility for the development and delivery of safety planning and training for Tatweer staff, and contributes to the project’s Safety and Security Plans as agreed with the Project Director;
• Undertakes vetting of staff, grantees, potential partners and vendors to the project, to a standard equal to best practice in DFID Syria Implementation Partners.
• Manages and initiates responses to security threats to the project, in coordination with the Research Department and the UK analytical and social media monitoring teams;
• Manages the day-to-day activities of in-country field personnel from the relevant regional offices;
• Responds to ad-hoc requests for short-term security-related technical assistance to the program, regarding security risk management and QA standards and procedures of Duty of Care for the program;
• Manages Field Safety Officers

• Other duties as assigned.


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