Middle East Regional Security & Access Analyst (M/F)

General Objectives of the Post

Under the supervision of the regional representative for our Middle East Regional Office (MERO), you will provide context analysis and build scenarios based on geopolitical trends.

You will help the missions (based in the region) to improve their access through a comprehensive analysis and a better community engagement. This operational security support to the missions will be achieved by building a regional network and identifying their needs and by building their capacities.

Principle Responsibilities

Regional geopolitical trends analysis

  • Stay up-to-date with international trends and developments affecting the balance of power in the Middle East: monitoring current events, political decisions and legislation changes.
  • Investigate, forecast and learnings of emerging threats with country teams to aid in proactive planning and response strategies
  • Help country offices with factoring in security risks and analysis into scenarios for the main crises in the region

Humanitarian access assessment

  • Develop and implement humanitarian access strategies: trainings and workshops with the regional missions (in coherence with Action Against Hunger tools and methodologies)
  • Ensure with country offices that our access is negotiated with all stakeholders and includes community engagement components
  • Assist country offices on access assessment in all new areas of intervention

Support on security management (in coordination with HQs) 

  • Provide inputs to country offices to develop and amend Security plans
  • Check security protocols are in place and ensure the proper monitoring mechanisms
  • Help country offices revising their Risk Analysis Tables on a regular basis
  • Advise on remote Security management


  • Build a network of Regional Security Experts and integrate the Regional Security Working Group in Amman
  • Identify all sources of information (political, military, humanitarian, etc.) allowing a better analysis of the security situation in the region

 Capacity building

  • In coordination with Country Directors, evaluate the competencies of their teams on Safety & Security and identify the training needs
  • In coordination with HQ security advisors, revise the available tools, update them and help designing a stronger approach fit for the region/specific contexts
  • Design and provide security awareness trainings in Amman and in the different countries upon request

What profile are we looking for?

You hold a degree in Security management or related field.

You have a successful experience (5 years or more) in access analysis and/or security management.

You are known for your working experience in insecure environments.

You have already had to establish a working relationship with different stakeholders & networks establishment, which prove your skills to cooperate with multidisciplinary teams.

An experience in capacity building and training in a cross-cultural environment will be desirable.

English (written and spoken) is required and Arabic will be a strong asset

Global mobility is required.

Manager’s Comments

This position represents a fantastic challenge with a high diversity of contexts and interesting Action Against Hunger missions.

The MERO team constitutes an ideal think tank with diverse origins and level of expertise.