Manager, Humanitarian Access and Operational Security, United States

Key Responsibilities

A new role within the HPP team, this primary responsibility of this position is to aide members in their operational response through: supporting member capacity to develop humanitarian access strategies, tracking successful approaches and drafting humanitarian access advocacy messages.

Areas of responsibility include, but are not limited to:

  • Work in close collaboration with the crisis-specific and security WGs, ensuring an appropriate liaison between them, to ensure humanitarian access issues are well-understood and discussed as relevant.
  • Give guidance and feedback to members and staff on access analysis.
  • Ensure identification, monitoring and analysis of context-specific access constraints, and the mitigating measures undertaken or recommended.
  • Identify and give relevant briefings on humanitarian access, including negotiations and humanitarian principles.
  • Provide support and engagement to membership on Saving Lives Together.
  • Contribute in developing and implementing collective and organizational guidelines for humanitarian access and engagement. This could be via the IASC, within a crisis WG or through support to an NGO country forum.
  • Pursue and develop relationships with external partners to identify and support how members engage at country-level on access.
  • Act as the InterAction focal point and liaison on non-US government civil-military coordination, facilitating linkages between members and key partners, including UN DPKO.
  • Review and provide advice on policy issues related to safeguarding humanitarian principles and ensuring the effective delivery of humanitarian assistance.
  • Liaise with InterAction’s communications and policy teams regarding messaging around an enabling response environment and access impediments.
  • Support senior staff in their representational duties related to humanitarian access and operational security.
  • Collaborate with other InterAction staff and teams, with members, and with other InterAction stakeholders.

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