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    Survey - Managing the security of staff with diverse profiles

    News Item | May 31, 2017

    EISF is currently conducting research into how NGOs should manage the security of staff with diverse profiles, balancing staff security while still respecting their employees’ rights to privacy, equality and inclusion. Please take the survey to inform the research!

  • ACT Gender Security Guidelines

    Library Document | May 5, 2017

    ACT has developed these gender security guidelines to support the security of men, women and LGBTI staff.

  • UN-Civil-Military Coordination Field Handbook

    Library Document | April 10, 2017

    In different settings, the interaction between humanitarian and military actors ranges from close cooperation to sheer co-existence. Humanitarian-military dialogue at all levels is essential – and the basis for effective humanitarian action on the ground. The UN-CMCoord Field Handbook is designed as a guide for CMCoord Officers and focal points in natural disasters and complex emergencies.

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    People management and security risk management

    News Item | March 28, 2017

    People management has a direct impact on security risk management. This module, developed by Christine Williamson, takes a closer look at the employee cycle and identifies the practices in people management which carry an obligation or risk. This module demonstrates that the best solution for good people management integrates security risk management with all stages of the employee cycle.

  • Security to go: a risk management toolkit for humanitarian aid agencies

    Library Document | March 23, 2017

    This guide provides a simple, easy-to-use guide for non-security experts to quickly set up basic safety, security and risk management systems in new contexts or rapid onset emergency response situations.

  • Protecting Humanitarian Action: Key Challenges and Lessons from the Field

    Library Document | January 3, 2017

    This paper presents an overview of key challenges and dilemmas faced in the protection of humanitarian action and aims to provide an initial overview of the legal, policy, and operational trends and issues identified by ATHA through its ongoing research and discussions with practitioners.

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    EISF requesting proposals for research project on Managing the Security of Staff with Diverse Profiles in High-risk Contexts

    News Item | December 16, 2016

    EISF is looking for research proposals for its research project on 'Managing the Security of Staff with Diverse Profiles in High-risk Contexts'.

  • Duty of Care: A review of the Dennis v Norwegian Refugee Council ruling and its implications

    Library Document | September 21, 2016

    In 2015, Steve Dennis submitted a claim at the Oslo District Court against his former employer, the NRC, for compensation for economic and non-economic loss following his kidnapping in 2012. The court concluded that the NRC acted with gross negligence in relation to this incident and found the NRC to be liable for compensation towards Dennis. This paper reflects on the court case and what lessons can be drawn from the court’s ruling for the international aid sector.

  • Prevention, Policy and Procedure Checklist: Responding to Sexual Violence in Humanitarian and Development Settings

    Library Document | September 8, 2016

    This Prevention, Policy and Procedure Checklist sets out a series of actions that can and should be taken by humanitarian and development organisations to address sexual violence.