Managing Sexual Violence

Access a range of internal and external resources about managing sexual violence below.

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    Published 2018-08-19 21:21:47

    Building an Inclusive Security Risk Management Culture: Musings of the EISF Director

    On World Humanitarian Day 2018, EISF's Executive Director, Lisa Reilly, considers how NGOs can build a more inclusive security risk management culture.

  • Managing Sexual Violence against Aid Workers: prevention, preparedness, response and aftercare

    This EISF guide aims to support aid agencies in preventing, being prepared for and responding to incidents of sexual violence against their staff. It is intended as a good practice guide to help strengthen existing processes and support organisations as they set up their own protocols.

  • Sexual violence and abuse against aid workers: 2015-2017

    This publication is intended to encourage survivors and witnesses to come forward and to encourage debates within aid agencies about the best policies to prevent and respond to cases of sexual violence and abuse.

  • Stop the Sexual Assault against Humanitarian and Development Aid Workers

    This study’s goal is to contribute knowledge to the prevention of and response to sexual harassment and assault against aid workers, a topic that is under-researched and under-reported.

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    Published 2017-03-03 11:43:46

    Why should we address sexual violence in humanitarian workplaces?

    As a study by Report the Abuse shows, only 16% of humanitarian organisations have even a single mention of sexual violence as a risk to their employees within their organisation’s policy and procedural documents, let alone a comprehensive, sensitive or survivor-centred response mechanism. Megan Nobert, Founder and Director of Report the Abuse, discusses the gaps in the humanitarian sector in addressing sexual violence against aid workers and urges humanitarian organisations to take action and put in place effective and efficient prevention and response strategies for their staff.

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    Published 2015-10-29 11:03:55

    In the News: Sexual violence against aid workers

    Humanitarian response evaluations habitually find gender-based harassment to be a problem, with measures to prevent and respond to incidents proving inadequate. Subsequent rhetoric often fails to translate into reality and harassment continues on a day-to-day basis, both for civilians and aid workers. This article is largely centred on sexual violence against humanitarian workers, exploring the pervasive issue and potential responses.

  • Algorithm for post-assault management in the field

    This document provides a two-page algorithm for post-assault response in the field, covering the key issues and considerations.

  • GIZ Algorithm for Post-Assault Management in the Field

    This algorithm was produced by Humanitrain for GIZ to support its post-assault incident management.