What is the Business Partnership Programme?

EISF ensures and improves the safety and security of staff and relief operations in areas of crisis and need.
The need for humanitarian aid is not diminishing and frontline aid workers continue to face a number of challenges in carrying out their work. However when aid workers are safe and secure they are more effective in what they can do, because they can concentrate and work harder. They can stay where they are needed for longer, they know their families and colleagues are cared for and they will be able to get home without incident. This in turn means they can better support their beneficiaries across the globe.
The EISF Business Partnership Programme is a simple way of providing essential support to humanitarian, development and human rights organisations now and future-proofing their work going forward. You can make a meaningful, sustainable impact cross multiple organisations and programmes by supporting EISF. Click below to discover what benefits your organisation can enjoy by partnering with EISF.