Aid in Danger Incident Analysis

An analysis combining information from open source and confidential information submitted by participating humanitarian agencies. It provides an overview of main trends and discusses selected issues or country contexts.

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    Security Analysis Oct - Dec 2017

    This overview document presents security incidents and measures affecting aid delivery.1 The report is based on incidents identified by Insecurity Insight's monitoring of open sources and reported by Aid in Danger partner agencies using the Security in Numbers Database (SiND). It presents analysis of 462 NGO-related security incidents for which details have been shared or made public. It does not present a representative sample, but instead provides insight into the nature of these incidents.

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    Security Analysis July-Sept 2017

    Quarterly Aid Security Analysis July -September 2017

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    Security Analysis Apr - June 2017

    Quarterly Aid Security Analysis April - June 2017

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    Security Analysis Jan - Mar 2017

    Quarterly Aid Security Analysis January - March 2017

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    Security Analysis Apr - June 2015

    This report examines trends over the first half of 2015 in both open-source and agency-reported data. We are pleased that this quarterly security analysis includes information from 11 contributing agencies - one more than last quarter. As compared to last quarter, this edition contains more reported incidents both from open sources (88, up from 51) and agencies (223, up from 198).

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    Security Analysis Jan - Mar 2015

    Most of our knowledge about humanitarian security hot spots comes from publicly-reported events. This briefing summarizes confidential information from 10 agencies about a range of security events, from those that severely affect staff to those that affect agencies’ ability to deliver aid.