Reports of misconduct within the international aid sector

Published: February 13, 2018

We are saddened by the recent reports of misconduct on the part of former employees of Oxfam and other international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) against beneficiary communities. These news reports have shown the scale of the problem of abuse across the sector affecting beneficiaries, local communities, and aid workers themselves. The news reports particularly highlight concerns around the aid sector’s ability to effectively manage incidents of this kind. This is something that all NGOs must address internally and in collaboration with each other.

On the EISF website, organisations can find useful guidance on how to respond to reported incidents of sexual violence, particularly against staff, with relevance for cases where the alleged perpetrator is another member of staff. We are also working on a new EISF guide in collaboration with experts in this area to help NGOs improve the systems they have in place to prevent and respond to sexual violence against their employees, including ways to address allegations where the alleged perpetrators are other aid workers.