New EISF research project: Managing the Security of Aid Workers with Diverse Profiles

Published: December 15, 2017

EISF is currently working on a new research project looking at how organisations manage the security of aid workers with diverse profiles. The upcoming research paper, Managing the Security of Aid Workers with Diverse Profiles, explores, through a literature review and key informant interviews, the most effective ways for humanitarian and development organisations to develop appropriate and inclusive security risk management systems for staff with diverse profiles. The research takes a closer look at the legal and moral obligations of equality and inclusion of aid workers with diverse profiles, from recruitment through to contract termination.

Through this lens, the research will explore the issues that can arise with ensuring the security of these staff members in high-risk contexts where their profiles may make them especially vulnerable, while at the same time respecting their rights to privacy, equality and inclusion. The paper aims to:

  • Uncover the challenges that arise for aid organisations when trying to support the security of staff with diverse profiles while endeavouring to meet legal and moral obligations related to equality, diversity and inclusion, particularly in relation to ethnicity, disability and sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.
  • Highlight examples of good practice where employers have approached security risk management in an inclusive manner, thereby ensuring staff security while at the same time meeting moral and legal obligations in relation to equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • Provide guidance to aid organisations on how to overcome identified challenges and ensure the security of staff with diverse profiles.

This paper will be published in 2018 and made available on the EISF website. To learn more read our blog on the research on ATHA’s website.