EISF Welcomes New Members to Secretariat

Published: September 3, 2019

EISF’s London-based Secretariat has recently welcomed two new members. Léa Moutard joins us as Research Advisor, and Laura Van de Vloet joins as our Projects and Membership Officer.

EISF Research Advisor – Léa Moutard

Léa Moutard joined EISF in August 2019.

Throughout her education, she focused on analysing conflicts, humanitarian operations and associated security issues. She realised various research projects including internal reports for UNHCR’s Beirut field office as well as for a community resolution centre in Berkeley. Trained in mediation, she organised and facilitated talks as the co-founder of two human rights related collectives. In her last role, she sought to bring practitioners, students and civil society actors together to reflect on ways to address the threats and opportunities associated with digital innovations. Léa holds two Masters degrees, in International Relations from Sciences Po Lyon (France) and Human Rights from LSE (UK).

As EISF Research Advisor, she works on initiating and developing practical and original research, along with best practice guides to help humanitarian organisations face security issues. She promotes partnerships across sectors to facilitate information-sharing and foster dialogue on security risk management. She assists the EISF Director in coordination and capacity-building missions.

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EISF Projects and Membership Officer – Laura Van de Vloet

Laura Van de Vloet joined the EISF Secretariat in August 2019.

After having obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration and Management and Master’s Degree in Counter Terrorism and Homeland Security, Laura worked as an intern at the UN and Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and as a consultant at NATO and a physical security start-up. Her work focused on both security and development policy as well as the organisation and coordination of international high-level events.  Most recently Laura worked as a Conference Planner at NATO.

In her role, Laura is responsible for tracking, maintaining and enhancing EISF member engagement. The primary function is to develop the member services component of EISF, including bi-annual forums, workshops, podcasts, etc.

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