Gender and Security: Guidelines for mainstreaming gender in security risk management

Published: September 1, 2012 | By Persaud, C. | EISF publication

Gender and security is a complex issue, and this research found that there are different levels of comprehension of what it means in humanitarian and development assistance practice. The differences in gendered behaviour, bias, and learning have a direct impact on the security of the individual and the agency team. Specifically, the way in which staff perceive, understand and accept security informs how they can become exposed and how they may react in various situations.

This briefing paper was written by Christine Persaud and edited by Hye Jin Zumkehr.

The aims of the paper are twofold: to raise general awareness about gender and how it relates to security risk management, and to provide practical tools for effective integration of gender-specific considerations to the existing security management practices.

Section One of the paper therefore provides a comprehensive overview of conceptual and theoretical themes relevant to establishing a common understanding of gender considerations in security risk management.

Section Two comprises practical tools and guidance for implementing gendered security risk management, bringing policy into practice.

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