Webinar: Dealing with travel-related stress

It is no secret that business travel can be stressful. The combination of sleep-loss, no work-life differentiation, relying on eating out, preparing for presentations, and having little downtime disrupts the circadian rhythm and causes perpetual stress. Being sat on a plane, stuck in a hotel room, or dashing between boardrooms leaves little time or space to burn off excessive cortisol.

But this doesn’t have to be the way. We owe it to ourselves to be our best selves, and our Guest Speaker, Dr Lucy Rattrie is here to help us develop strategies to achieving that.

This webinar is will benefit both male and female business travellers.

This is part of the “Your Best Travel Self” 2018 webinar series. Other webinars in this series include: Travel Wellbeing, Navigating International Cultures; and Beating Jet Lag.