Stay Safe Travel Security Training (2 days)

The two-day HDFF-designed Stay Safe Travel Security Training aims to enable business and short mission travellers to HQs/ capitals and in low-risk environments to increase their security awareness and improve their security behaviour. The participants will also learn how to cope with hotel security-related matters as well as First Aid and trauma care (certified First Aid course with three years validity). Briefings on defensive driving, weapons effects and active shooter behaviour will increase the mitigation skills of the participants as well.


  • To increase the security awareness of travelling personnel during travels and in hotel environments
  • To increase the consciousness related to Defensive Driving
  • To understand how to behave in active shooter situations
  • To be able to apply basic First Aid and trauma care techniques in critical situations



        Regular Price              –    $ 625 US          

        Early Bird Discount   –    $  540 US 


Registration deadline is 10 January 2020.