Security Awareness & First Aid (SAFA) Training UK

Who Are ILS?

ILS is a well-established and highly respected provider of safety and security solutions to the not for profit sector – acting as preferred provider to some of the biggest, and some of the smallest, NGOs in the world. All of ILS’ instructor team have extensive humanitarian and development backgrounds; they understand the humanitarian imperative and the critical role in security of personal and organisational Acceptance

What is SAFA?

Security Awareness and First Aid Training, or SAFA, is a giant leap forward in terms of hostile environment awareness training. Over three days and two nights SAFA courses offer participants an immersive, cost effective, risk appropriate and in depth learning experience which prepares them for the realities of living and working in hazardous, emergency or ‘deep field’ locations.

Course delegates are taught in three strands, which interlink throughout the course;

  • Human Security – as well as understanding the operating space within which they will operate, delegates are taught about the human factors that affect their safety and security. Our team help the delegates to understanding the ‘drivers’ to violence, their own attitudes and appetites to it and will come away able to exert influence within the context of interpersonal violence.
  • Hard Security – delegates will learn how to reduce their personal and team vulnerabilities to a range of threats, from Abduction to Blast Threats, from Vehicle Checkpoints to Weapon Threats, the team focus on current tactics and techniques employed by armed groups to ensure the learning is up to date and appropriate. Delegates will spend time with a former hostage who spent 15 months in captivity.
  • First Aid in the Field – this portion of the course is taught in terms of delivering first aid in remote locations. Delegates are taught by international search and rescue medics who will teach the fundamentals of Basic Life Support; primary and secondary survey, managing traumatic injury and sustaining life when definitive care is not immediately available. The First Aid element of the course is a core component of the training and is mainstreamed throughout, not taught in isolation.

Specific Modules covered in our monthly courses are:

  • Operating Space Update
  • Personal Situational Awareness
  • Security and Contingency Planning
  • Communicating in an emergency
  • Vehicle Checkpoint Negotiation
  • Field Health and Wellness
  • Weapons Effects
  • Crowd Safety
  • First Aid
  • Inter-Personal Aggression
  • Kidnap Avoidance and Survival
  • Blast Threats
  • Journey Plans and Vehicle Safety
  • Road Traffic Accidents
  • Field Resilience
  • Sexual Violence
  • Post Traumatic Stress
  • Incident Reporting

Is SAFA for me?

If you are travelling to a very remote area, a humanitarian emergency or medium to high security risk settings, then yes, this is the course for you. SAFA training will give you the skills to avoid some of the key threats you will face, and the tools to cope if things do go wrong. Whether the threat be kidnapping, militancy or simply road traffic accidents, SAFA training has it covered, in a pragmatic and approachable way.

How can I book?

For more information or to book a place please email Rachel Felton on or or call +44 (0) 1273 833070

The programme runs regularly in the UK, Kenya, Senegal and in the USA. We also offer an alternative, field level SAFA for national staff.

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