Safety and Security Training (HEAT)

Safety and Security Training (HEAT)

This three day Safety and Security HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training) is designed for those who want to travel and work safely in risky areas abroad. Participants will be trained and prepared for their business trip abroad by participating in several modules. The goal of the training is to increase personal security in order to enable the participant to focus on their own objectives.


Expat Preventive is one of the major security training organisations for NGOs. We help NGOs wanting to put their employees’ safety first by giving intensive security trainings. These trainings are always given by qualified trainers experienced with travelling and working in risky areas abroad.


  • Road safety and communication
  • Remote medicine
  • Mines, explosives, ammunition
  • Stress management
  • Dealing with (high and low) aggression
  • Terrorist attacks and shootings
  • Kidnap/hostage prevention and survival strategies
  • Security awareness
  • Resilience and gender-related issues
  • Incident reporting


This three-day training will be given by qualified trainers from a non-militaristic, human approach. It will combine theory and practice by including roleplays and crisis simulations in order to learn from experience, based on established learning models. Furthermore, the training will be based on repetition and security dilemmas, in order to give the participant insight in their behaviour and the consequences this behaviour might have.


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