Management of Safety and Security

Two day residential course based just outside of Nairobi will give those in charge of staff security the skills and the space to practice them. This course is designed for those in senior management roles with a security responsibility. Participants must have previously attended a HEAT course, or have field experience.

Learning Outcomes

  • You will leave the course with an ability to develop a culture of good safety and security within your organisation.
  • You will develop a greater context and risk awareness through identifying threats and vulnerabilities.
  • You will learn how to develop and implement organisational mitigating measures to minimise those risks.
  • You will develop skills to manage incidents that arise

Key Components

  • The importance of a safety and security culture.
  • Developing and maintaining context and risk awareness.
  • Establishing an effective security management framework in your  organisation.
  • Communications  and interpersonal relations in a hostile  environment.
  • Partnerships and inter-agency cooperation in security.
  • Reporting and analysing critical incidents.
  • Managing a critical incident.

This 2 day course will be delivered and facilitated by Safer Edge Consultants who are current practitioners with extensive experience. There will be classroom activities, knowledge sharing, simulations and practical exercises.


Safer Edge’s experienced and qualified trainers are sensitive to local needs and aspirations, with excellent communication skills and heightened awareness of safety and security issues. They have the right resources and skills, balanced by cultural awareness and contextual knowledge to be successful through high impact training. They are experts in the field of humanitarian security with many years of on-the-ground experience in hostile, terror and war conditions.  Our trainers are professional security practitioners.

How to book

Email with Kenya SM Open Course 2017 in the subject bar.