Kidnapping and Hostage Survival Course

This 1-hour course details the steps and approaches to mitigate the risk of being kidnapped and to enhance your chances of survival in a kidnap or hostage situation.


  • Explain the trends, motives and nature of kidnap and hostage situations
  • Describe the approaches to raise awareness regarding the risks related to kidnapping in the operating environment
  • Apply the key strategies to reduce vulnerability and mitigate the risk of kidnap and hostage situations
  • Explain the kidnap and hostage situation characteristics and phases
  • Describe the techniques and approaches to enhance the chances of survival in a kidnap and hostage situation
  • Describe the approaches for post incident follow-up

While this e-learning resource was developed primarily for Save the Children staff, it has also been made available to the wider humanitarian community to allow them to benefit from this resource and build up their staff capacity to manage personal safety and security.

The information and guidelines contained in this course are for general information purposes only. Reliance on any information or guidelines is therefore at the user’s sole risk. If you rely on any information or apply any guidelines contained in the course, you do so at your own risk and Save the Children will have no responsibility or liability under any circumstances.

This course has been designed and developed by the Global Safety & Security team of Save the Children International. With special thanks to Rafael Khusnutdinov and Michael O’Neill, for technical input and advice.