Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) for government, corporate and UN Safety Personnel



HDFF’s five-day “Stay Safe Training (HEAT) for government, corporate and UN Safety Personnel” is an ADVANCED safety training that addresses primarily implementing personnel but also management and safety related personnel needs of government, corporate and UN Safety Personnel aiming to improve participants’ skills in hostile environment, following international regulations in these settings. The training will be conducted by experienced and culturally sensitive facilitators in an utmost participatory way and has in its core a 3 day Field Exercise.




To improve safety and security related staff’s knowledge of multiple threats in hostile field environment and shows ways how to cope with these


To know how to manage situations and stress once caught in these situations, e.g. checkpoint behavior, ambush/active shooter, hostile crowds, kidnapping, rescue by force


To be able to act as a TEAM-member in hostile environments and stressful situations




Early Bird: Full Board – $US 2990, Training Only – $US 2390

Regular Price: Full Board –  $US 3200, Training Only $US 2600