Field Security Management (HEAT for Managers) Course

The Field Security Management (HEAT for Managers) Course is designed to bridge the gap between HEAT and Security Management Workshops to address the security training needs of staff implementing humanitarian programmes in high-risk environments.

Clarity will be piloting this course on 24th – 28th February 2020.


The cost for the pilot course will be £790 + VAT – this is the same as a standard Clarity 4-Day HEAT course to encourage participation. Subsequent courses will be priced to reflect the 5-Day course duration.

Course Aims

  • To equip participants with the skills needed for establishing, running and/or overseeing an organisation’s field security systems.
  • The course will also cover all the Learning Objectives of Clarity’s Re-HEAT course including First Aid Trauma (so ideal for staff who are due their HEAT renewal) with an additional focus on the management of security on humanitarian NGO Operations at Field Level.

    Target Audience

    Field staff with security responsibilities and/or oversight for security-related activities, such as:

  • Operations Managers
  • Project/Programme Managers
  • Country Directors
  • Security Officers
  • Security Focal Points

Course Content

The core content of the course is driven by the EISF Report “NGO Safety and Security Training Project – How to Create Effective Security Training for NGOs”, specifically the section “Level 2A – Operational Security Management”

In addition to this Clarity will provide participants with Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) in line with Clarity’s Re-HEAT course.

Key Security Management topics are listed at Annex A (see ‘downloads’) and an indicative course schedule is shown at Annex B.


If you are interested in participating or sending staff on this course or require more information please contact or book online at