Enterprise Security Risk Management

Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) will ask “How can we make corporate security work better for the whole organization?” The inaugural conference will build on the success of established seminars such as Corporate Liability, Travel Risk and Duty of Care; Tackling Kidnapping; Managing People Risk & Travel Risk and Duty of Care towards employees travelling overseas, staged regularly in the U.S. and the U.K. by Quaynote Communications.

Sponsored by ASIS, Constellis, International SOS and Alpha Recon and supported by RIMS the conference is produced by Quaynote Communications, specialist producers of international security conferences.  Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) will examine the shortfalls of current corporate strategies and ask how ESRM differs. Specific topics to be tackled will include:

*Defining ESRM: Moving towards holistic, data-centric security decisions

*Case-studies of Enterprise Security Risk Management in practice

*Key metrics and KPIs associated with ESRM

*Technology solutions for delivering ESRM

*Engaging the C-Suite

With ESRM affecting the broadest spectrum of sectors, from government, corporations and NGOs, to schools, casinos and hotels, from oil & gas giants to technology companies and multinationals, this one-day conference will address key issues of concern to Corporate Security Officers (CSOs), Risk Managers, HR Directors, responders, solutions providers, lawyers and the entire C-suite.

For further information please email alison@quaynote.com