Peter Sweetnam

Key Competencies
I approach security and risk management from a programmatic and organisational support perspective. I am a time served and capable leader, director and manager, who has a programming and leadership background and who has worked at every level of the security and risk management process from the field to the organisational. I have long term experience of utilising security and risk/risk management to supporting an organisation, its capacity and capabilities and most importantly its programming. I have worked in response to critical incidents globally and can support organisations to deal with incidents and maintain programming at the appropriate level whilst doing so. I can develop strategies, plans, processes and procedures as well as policies that support an organisations way of working.

Areas of Expertise
Training: personal safety and security, field security, risk management process, crisis management
Security: mission level, organisation HQ, post-critical incident, planning, strategy, leadership
Other: short term cover, crisis management support, research, strategy, planning, evaluation

Nationality: British
Languages: English
Countries of operation: Global