Paul St John Filler

Regular Commission in the British Army with 22 years world-wide military experience (including UN peace keeping operations).

23 years humanitarian aid field experience with the European Commission/DG ECHO to date, including Head of Country and regional offices .Highly experienced ECHO humanitarian aid expert. Monitoring and evaluation of UN/NGO/Red Cross projects funded by the Commission. Assessment of humanitarian needs. Preparation of global plans. Liaison and coordination with other donors, EU member states representatives/Ambassadors and Heads of EC/EU Delegations.

Advice on funding and operational strategy. Responsible for the administration and security of ECHO offices (Nairobi, Moscow, Baghdad and Pyongyang).  Considerable experience in high risk countries and areas.

From late 2007, ECHO Regional Security Coordinator (RSC) for Asia and the Pacific, including high risk areas such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea and southern Philippines. ECHO RSCs can be deployed outside their regions at any time, and have additional roles of civil-military coordination and also liaison with Civil Protection mechanisms. For example, I have completed the UN CMCOORD staff course in Switzerland.  In addition, I am responsible for providing security training for ECHO staff throughout Asia Pacific, monitoring security training contracts funded by ECHO, plus security information contracts such as INSO and PHF.

Areas of Expertise

Training: Personal Security, Field Security, Security Management

Security Audits: Field & HQ

Working Areas: Asia Pacific ( including South Asia). Particular expertise in Pakistan, as I have dealt with  Pakistan since 2006, doing many missions to the country in support of ECHO’s humanitarian teams, and was based in Islamabad  for ECHO for the last two and a half years.