Frédéric Bardou

Key Competencies

  • Significant Executive and operational responsibilities in high-threat international environments
  • Demonstrated ability to conduct comprehensive and timely strategic risk and threat assessments with national and international dimensions
  • Expertise of specific and global security threats, risk mitigation, security risk management and operations management
  • Demonstrated operational experience in high-threat environments
  • Practice of international/local relations analysis and corporate policy formulation/implementation
  • Demonstrated experience in Safety & Security trainings including Critical Incident & Crisis management
  • Good knowledge of International Relations

Areas of Expertise
Training: Personal safety and security, field security, risk management process, crisis management,
Security: Assessment – Mission level (field), Assessment – Organisational level (HQ), Post-critical incident assessment
Other:  Short term cover, crisis management support, research, 7 years of experience as Country Director for INGO, therefore can work beyond the security scope

Nationality: French

Languages: French and English
Countries of operation: Regions of expertise include Afghanistan, Sahel, CAR, Yemen and the Middle East