Business Partnership Programme

“Society is demanding that companies, both public and private, serve a social purpose. To prosper over time, every company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society.”

Laurence D. Fink, Founder & CEO BlackRock, New York Times, January 15 2018

Why become an EISF Business Partner?

Business Partnership Programme (BPP)  is an opportunity for corporations to make a meaningful and sustainable impact across multiple organisations and programmes by supporting EISF financially. This partnership offers organisations the opportunity to meet and go beyond standard Corporate Social Responsibility, add tangible value to communities globally, and showcase that trusts as well as safety and security of people is a priority for your company. Additionally it demonstrates your values to your costumers and partners and will help in attracting talented people who are proud to work for a company with strong values.

For Human Resources:

  • Demonstrate your commitment to addressing poverty and disadvantage in the world;
  • Show your company understands the complexity of its delivery and the importance of safety for frontline workers;
  • Demonstrate the value your company places on the safety and well-being of people; Including your employees and their families.

For Staff Safety & Security:

  • Access to EISF documents and expertise;
  • Links to field-based security support.

For Marketing:

  • Access to EISF Members, through sponsorship opportunities and news updates.

different Partnership schemes are:


The Crisis Facing Humanitarian Support Today

The need for humanitarian aid is not diminishing, In fact, the need is increasing:

  • The frontline is not becoming safer;
  • Without your support EISF cannot continue to keep aid workers and their programmes safe;
  • Which means that vital aid and international development could stop.

And yet.

  • European governments are reluctant to fund support activities.
  • Existing institutional funding is disappearing.

Who is the European Interagency Security Forum?


EISF is an independent, member-led network, currently with 102 member organisations who represent humanitarian, developmental and human rights NGOs operating internationally.

  • 107 Member Organisations, working in
  • 130 Countries, with
  • 473,513 national and international staff, and
  • 2,364,369,809 beneficiaries.

EISF Members work in 130 countries, including the most high risk:

  • Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Libya, Syria, South Sudan, Yemen, etc.

The Mission, Vision, and Values of EISF

What we do

EISF ensures and improves the safety & security of staff and relief operations in areas of crisis and need. EISF keeps frontline aid workers safe so they are more effective in carrying out their mission to save and improve lives.

If frontline aid workers are safe & secure, they can help more people

When aid workers are safe & secure they are more effective in what they do, because they can concentrate and work harder. They can stay where they are needed for longer, they know their families and colleagues are cared for, and they will be able to get home without incident. This all increases their productivity, efficiency, and efficacy.

If aid workers are more effective, communities are better supported

And beneficiaries can:

  • Feel safe at school;
  • Have better health care;
  • Develop their own livelihoods;
  • Have safe housing;
  • Access clean water and sanitation.

Delivering EISF’s Mission

EISF supports and leads our members in all aspects of security risk management for protection of all frontline aid workers. We provide a network that keeps aid workers connected, and collaborate with all organisations to share global expertise. EISF develops pioneering thought leadership which paves the way for further development and we develop definitive best practice guides on crucial topics such as prevention and management of kidnap and abduction, which are used by MIT, Harvard and Government bodies.

EISF Helps organisations to improve:

  • Safeguarding and staff care;
  • Communications and access;
  • Preparedness for when things go wrong.

Are you a business wanting to partner with EISF?

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