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  • NGO Safety and Security Training Project: How to Create Effective Security Training for NGOs 11 Apr 2014 | 10:38

    The NGO Safety and Security Training Report provides a narrative of the research findings, an updated curriculum, and guidance tools for training. It is based on extensive research and interviews with members of the NGO community. The report draws upon existing training materials, community consultations, survey responses, job descriptions, as well as relevant trends in humanitarian and development practice. It captures good practice and global understanding in regard to quality and consistency of NGO security training.

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  • Humanitarian Negotiations with Armed Groups 04 Apr 2014 | 15:14

    There are a combination of factors peculiar to humanitarian negotiations with armed non-state actors (ANSAs). Talks take place in extreme, high-stake environments with little common negotiating culture between parties. Staff need to negotiate in practice what is not negotiable in principle under both organisational and legal frameworks which are far-removed from reality on the ground (a recent HPG Policy brief described how ‘senior managers are often unaware of how ground-level staff obtain access’).  Aid workers are often negotiating from a position of relative weakness – little leverage and few alternative negotiating tables present themselves, and there is a strong possibility of second-best options being the only achievement.

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  • The Future of Humanitarian Security in Fragile Contexts 31 Mar 2014 | 15:44

    The Future of Humanitarian Security in Fragile Contexts: An analysis of transformational factors affecting humanitarian action in the coming decade stems from a recognition that the humanitarian landscape has changed dramatically in the past decade. 

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